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Career Assessment by Psychologist Centurion & Associates

Career Assessment and Guidance at Psychologists Centurion

We provide career testing and guidance to adults and teenagers in Centurion and are experienced in helping our clients make sound career choices.  Our assessment and tests find the optimum balance between personality, interest, aptitude and cognitive (IQ) levels.  We also take value decisions such as finances, family and social life into account.

Our career guidance process is based upon sound recent research, ensuring a high level of success prediction.  Standard career guidance includes:

  • A set combination of psychometric tests, including personality test, interest test, aptitude test and a Cognitive Applied IQ test;
  • Interview with the therapist;
  • Guidance on training institutions / workplace selection;
  • Recommendation on career pathing;
  • Therapeutic coaching – working with your personality to maintain a healthy balance between your personal life and career.


Please contact Psychologist Centurion & Assoc. for more information about career guidance in Centurion.


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